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    AEM has more than 10 years of experience to manufacture and sale rare earth products, including rare earth metals, rare earth alloys, rare earth oxides, and rare earth compounds. AEM is proud to serve a wide array of industries ranging from aerospace to automotive, electronics, military contractors, and metallurgical researchers. Our ISO 9001 certified quality system helps to ensure our products adhere to the highest international standards of quality and safety. AEM continues to be a well-regarded source for high purity metals, metal powders, compounds, and fabricated forms. Our goal is to provide quality products at lower costs, focusing on total customer satisfaction.
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Over 10 years of experience rare earth suppliers
  • Exceptional and timely customer service
  • Complete products, many available for immediate shipment
  • Highest quality and competitive pricing guaranteed
  • Capable of providing materials with carefully controlled particle sizes and purities
  • “Thanks, It was very good to speak with you and to benefit from your suggestions and comprehensive knowledge and understanding of my Scandium product issues. Also want to thank you for the rapid response to my e-mail.”
    by Harold Jason
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