Rare Earth Oxides

Samarium Oxide Powder (Sm2O3)
  • Name Samarium(III) Oxide Molecular Formula Sm2O3 Molecular Weight 348.72
    Density 8.347g/cm3 Melting Point 2335℃ Boiling Point 3780℃
    Solubility Insoluble in water Appearance Light yellow powder CAS Number 12060-58-1
    Storage Store in a dry place

    Samarium Oxide Powder Introduction

    Samarium Oxide is a light yellowish powder and insoluble in water. Samarium Oxide is also called Samaria; samarium has a high neutron absorption capacity and has specialized usage in glass, phosphors, lasers, and thermoelectric devices. Calcium chloride crystals treated with samarium have been employed in lasers, which produce beams of light intense enough to burn metal or bounce off the moon. Samarium Oxide is used in optical and infrared absorbing glass to absorb infrared radiation. Also, it is used as a neutron absorber in control rods for nuclear power reactors. The oxide catalyzes the dehydration of acyclic primary alcohols to aldehydes and ketones. Another use involves the preparation of other Samarium salts.
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