Rare Earth Oxides

Ytterbium Oxide Powder (Yb2O3)
  • Name Ytterbium(III) Oxide Molecular Formula Yb2O3 Molecular Weight 394.08
    Density 9.17 g/cm3 Melting Point 2355 °C Boiling Point 4070 °C
    Solubility Insoluble in water Appearance White powder CAS Number 1314-37-0
    Storage Store in a dry place

    Ytterbium Oxide Powder

    Ytterbium Oxide is a white powder that is not hazardous. It is mainly used to make colorant for glasses and ceramics, make laser materials, and is also used as an additive for the electronic computer memory element (magnetic bubble ). Moreover, Ytterbium Oxide is widely used in optical fibers.
    Ytterbium Oxide also called Ytterbia, is being applied to numerous fiber amplifiers and fiber optic technologies. High purity Ytterbium Oxide Powder is widely used as a doping agent for garnet crystals in lasers, an essential colorant in glasses and porcelain enamel glazes. As Ytterbium Oxide has a significantly higher emissivity in the infrared range than Magnesium Oxide, the higher radiant intensity is obtained with Ytterbium-based payloads in comparison to those commonly based on Magnesium/Teflon/Viton (MTV).
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